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As we enter our third week of tending to this unique and remarkable destination, we already have so much to “look back” on! Of course, the expected repairs and improvements continue, but even more wonderful is the increasing sense of contentment and peace that fills the grounds. Repeat guests and local residents alike, all who weathered the unfortunate conditions of the past 10 years, tell us they “feel” the change in their hearts. Those are sweet words to each of us as we put our own hearts into every task, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant.

Of course, our remarkable mineral spring waters exert their own heart-tug. They sing a healing song as they bubble from the ground, into our pools, and ultimately across aching muscles, joints and souls. They invite us to come, to commune and to share with others who are in need of comfort. All they ask in return is that we wisely care for them in loving stewardship. This is why we are here.

We are also here to touch other hearts with gentleness, respect, kindness, and welcome. We understand that our big world can be filled with loneliness and isolation. Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pools is a place of inclusion, of adoption into a family or tribe of amazingly diverse people who have an unbreakable heart-connection to the waters and the surrounding desert. One of the newest ways we do this is our weekly, all-invited “Songs & Stories Around the Fire” events. Every Saturday night at sundown we gather on what we call “The Island” (right across the road from our check-in kiosk) for an evening of music, stories, songs, laughter and the shared heart-light of all who draw near. If you play an instrument, bring it! If you sing, let us hear it! If you write, we’re listening! But more importantly, just bring your heart … for this is where the sweetest song resides. Your song.

Gather here, share your heart, we welcome you.

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