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One of the jewels of the southern Death Valley region is the Amargosa River Canyon. Federally designated as a Wild & Scenic River, the Amargosa most certainly lives up to its title. Majestic and imposing cliffs buttress the striking lowlands as the river meanders through badland geology that reveals millions of years of natural history. Home to bobcat, coyote, fox and fowl, the Amargosa is a hiker’s dream. From slot canyons to waterfalls, much of the trail follows the historic Tonopah & Tidewater railroad bed from the Tecopa Post Office deep into Sperry Wash.

A visit to China Ranch Date Farm also provides scenic access to the Amargosa River.

Click here for the BLM’s page on the Amargosa River.

Click here for info about the Amargosa Conservancy’s efforts to preserve and protect this resource.

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