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Top reasons to visit Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge!

  1. Its the largest remaining oasis in the Mojave Desert.
  2.  Nearly 30 species of plants and animals that don’t exist anyplace else on earth (referred to as endemic species).
  3. Ash Meadows has the highest concentration of endemic species in the United States.
  4. See relict species of desert fish that have existed here since mammoths drank from these very springs.
  5. Have you ever heard of fossil water? The water here is known as fossil water because it comes from melted ice from the last ice age.
  6. This is a photographer’s paradise where ice blue spring pools are a stark contrast against the harsh desert landscape.
  7. Ash Meadows is recognized internationally as an important wetland.
  8. The mysterious Devils Hole over 500 feet deep and the bottom has never been found.
  9. Each of the three boardwalks offers something unique to see and all are wheelchair accessible. There are picnic areas and benches too.

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Click here for more information about Ash Meadows National Widlife Refuge.

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