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It’s been an exhausting, but exhilarating few days since we’ve taken over the operations of this desert gem. Online bookings are working as hoped. Website is well-received. Social media is already reaching “across the pond” to distant travelers. Foreign language translations have helped immensely for our many guests from other countries. The response has been positive to the small improvements we’ve already made: repaired plumbing, unclogging drains, scrubbing floors, toilets cleaned and toilet-paper stocked, etc. (it’s the little things, friends!). It was all-hands-on-deck following last night’s 9 o’clock closing to begin cleaning the two pool-houses and it felt like a great bonding time among partners/friends who believe in this place, who believe in this community and feel so strongly about the honor of being chosen as “stewards of the waters” (so to speak).

There IS something magical about these waters. You feel it upon entering the mineral pools. These fossil waters from ancient times hold mineral secrets researchers are still uncovering. Hydrologists are fascinated by these waters. Baffled by them. Mesmerized by them. So are we. But there’s no denying the pull they exert on people of all ages, of all nationalities, of all cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. If there is a “great equalizer,” we guess we could say it is this water. To enjoy it, one must be nude, naked, unclothed, unmasked. Because it’s hard to hide when one has nothing to hide behind, most often, people begin their soaks as strangers but leave as friends, or at least as friendly acquaintances. It’s wonderful. It’s freedom.

Of course, there are challenges: cultural differences are one, but we are working through those with respect and patience. Local concerns are another. If we could share one thought with our friends and neighbors, it is this: We respect you and hold Tecopa, all of its residents, and resources dear in our hearts. Our hope is that if there is a concern, our community will come to us first, get the facts straight from us, and then actually believe us. We are as invested in this community as each person who lives here (we live here, too!) and we understand first-hand the precious resource these waters are to Tecopa. We ask that you give us a chance. That you cheer us on. That you treat us with the very respect you wish from us. And that you recognize that we’ve been given a run-down facility that needs work, a lot of work (and a lot of financial expenditure), for it to shine as it was intended to. And we want it to shine.

Please visit this Blog for regular updates on our progress, plans and happenings. We believe it’s going to be an amazing time for all of us!

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