Kiltman Adventures

Kiltman Adventures– A company that endeavors to provide the ultimate off-road and ultra-light desert experience, flying and riding in the wide open spaces of the Tecopa valley is an awe-inspiring experience for any avid rider/pilot. Ryan is an accomplished motocross rider with quite a few rally’s and long jumps to his credit, he can help you find the best trails, dunes, and riding challenges to take your experiences to the next level. Ryan is also accomplished PPG and PG pilot and there are 1,000’s of places to fly to and explore out in the desert. He can help you train on and fly your PG and PPG in this magnificent desolation we call Tecopa CA. Unlike many other tour companies that run planned trips, Tecopa is our home. This insider knowledge of the area allows us to take you to the best riding and flying without any hassles. Ryan and Lara look forward to sharing their secret desert paradise with you.

Phone: 443-677-2716

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