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So, as we transform the physical aspects of this property through repairs and improvements, we seek also to transform the “spirit” of the place. One of the ways we do this is to respect each and every person who sets foot on our grounds and/or puts a toe in our waters. Every thought, word or deed is tempered with this respect. This means respecting those who may have difficulty communicating with us in English. It means respecting those who are frustrated by something they wish was different. It even means respecting those who are yelling us for things beyond our control and recognizing that their frustrations are not necessarily a reflection of who we are, but rather they provide an opportunity to for us to provide respectful dialogue and even education.

Consider this: The campground and baths have long been visited by people of all cultures. For some of these cultures, public bathing is an important part of their cultural identity. But it’s not just the bathing that is important, it’s the opportunity to visit, laugh, share stories and make friends. For others, though, they prefer their time of soaking to be one of quiet meditation. We understand both of these ways of enjoying our waters – sometimes even we, too, are noisy and chatty while other times we are quiet and restful.

What we don’t understand, however, is how any one of our guests would feel it is respectful to demand that people soak the way “they” want them to soak. And not only demand this, but then threaten us with horrible reviews all over social media because they didn’t have quiet time in the water when they wanted it. There are respectful and non-confrontational solutions to all of this: Our baths are open 24 hours. If its crowded in the baths when you arrive and you don’t mind the exuberant laughter and energy of fellow bathers, feel free to join right in! If you’d prefer to have quiet time, simply wait (it usually doesn’t take long since our waters are hot) for the baths to clear out a bit. Another option: We have a private pool you can rent all to yourself.

Remember, we are a concessionaire-run “county” facility. If the county wanted to make a law prohibiting noise in the baths, they would have long, long ago.

Mutual respect. It’s simple. It’s needed. It heals.

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