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Almost every day, our team hears some of the darndest rumors about our facility. Some are downright hilarious, while others we scratch our head at the intent. Rather than worry that others are trying to hamper our efforts at turning the place around, we thought we share a few with you and let you all giggle at the silliness.

1. “Locals will have to pay.”

This is an outright falsity. Not only is it on public record in our proposal with the County, we’ve also answered every question from almost every local resident about this with the same answer: “Locals are free.” If you’re hearing otherwise from someone who is not part of the management of the campground and pools, well … please advise them otherwise. If you are a local, i.e. you own property or rent property that is on the tax rolls of Inyo County, you bathe free. If you are an RV-er or camper who leases a campsite, this does not qualify you for local status (but then again, you already get 2 free bathing passes included in your campsite fee).

2. “Heavy Metal music will be played around this week’s campfire.”

Uh … this is pretty funny actually. We’re not sure how this rumor came into being, especially since none of us are Heavy Metal musicians and we’ll be providing most of the music, along with other campers and locals. Again, if you’re hearing otherwise from someone who hasn’t bothered to come and ask us for clarification, please advise them otherwise. Remember to use common sense. If it sounds ludicrous, it probably is.

3. “We’re only catering to tour companies.”

Nope. Will we have tour companies bringing bathers/campers? Yes. As they always have. Is this our only market? Nope, nor will it be. We are actively marketing our campground and baths to visitors from all walks of life and nationalities, individuals, groups, families, seniors, foreign tourists, nearby locals, L.A. or L.V. day-trippers, etc. All are welcome.

4. “We’re erecting a biosphere over the entire campground”

… okay, we just made that up. See how easy it is for silly rumors to get started!?!

How about you come and enjoy the “truth” of the place. Truth: This is a place where the cares and trappings of urban life relinquish their hold, where the melodious songs of coyotes sing a lullaby, where the air is fresh and the Milky Way dances overhead in a jet black sky, and where the aches and pains of daily life melt away in ancient geo-thermal waters. See you soon!

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