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The most frequent comment we hear from repeat guests (whether they be campers who are staying a night, a week, a month or if they’re just here for a quick day-trip to enjoy the waters): “We feel a change!” And our hearts couldn’t be more happy when we then hear that they notice how the water is sparkling again, how the pools are clean every time they soak, how people are smiling and joyful, how the place feels alive again. The funny thing is that these changes have happened from the simplest of efforts.

Much like a garden that has died back from lack of care, our “garden” is responding to loving attention. There is no secret formula. We’re not adding some sort of “special sauce” or magic ingredient. We are simply being present and listening … and then acting on what we hear. When something needs cleaning – we clean it. When something needs repair – we fix it. When something needs replacing – we do so. And, not surprisingly, because we are paying attention to the needs of this incredible place, so are others.

We can’t repeat our thanks enough for all of you have stepped up to volunteer your own hearts and energies. There is a new “sense of ownership” among locals and guests alike. Thank you to those who are helping us clean pools, bathrooms and campsites. Thank you to those who come to us and not only tell us something needs to be done but then actually offer to do it (whether it’s changing a lightbulb or refilling paper towels and toilet paper). Thank you to those who are watching out for others on the property who might need help or assistance. You are a big part of the positive change that everyone feels here. We feel it, too!

And, of course, we can’t thank enough all of you who keep coming back. You have kept the faith and believed in this place when those who should have didn’t. We sometimes feel we should apologize for what happened to this place before we were here, but then we’re reminded that the past is gone and our role now is to focus all our attention, care, and love on the present and future of this jewel. And a jewel it is. Our waters are unique … hot mineral fossil waters. If you’ve been here, you know this. If you haven’t yet, we invite you. Your body and soul will feel the change.

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