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1. Treat ALL staff, fellow campers and local residents with RESPECT. No bullying of Staff or other bathers is allowed. If pools and showers are full, bathers must wait their turn to use.

2. Do not attempt to deceive, cheat, swindle, scam or otherwise steal from the campground (this includes using the baths without paying for them or claiming to be campers when you are not). Doing so (or attempting to do so) can result in a warning and/or loss of bathing privileges.

3. All bathers must shower before using the pools. Per County Law, no clothing is allowed in the pools. No hair is allowed in pools either, i.e. you may not put your head under water (unless you are wearing a tight-fitting swimming cap).

4. No shampoos, lotions or other substances may be used in pools.

5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in pools. Bottled water is allowed in plastic bottles.

6. Do not drain pools. This is a serious offense and will result in permanent ejection from property. No one other than staff are allowed to drain water from pools.

7. Pick up after yourself. There are trash cans and bins all over the property. Treat this property with respect (as you would the home of a friend).

8. No pets allowed within 50 feet of pool houses. You are required to control your pets at all times for the safety of all guests, as well as your pet.

9. If Staff provides instructions for you to follow to use the baths, you must follow them. Instructions are given for your safety, the safety of our Staff and your fellow bathers.

10. The following actions can result in a warning and/or ejection of bather.

a. Irresponsible use of alcohol and/or drunkenness.
b. Lewd behavior.
c. Accessing restricted areas without proper passes.
d. Failing to cooperate/comply with Staff instruction/direction.

11. The following actions will result in immediate ejection:

a. Relieving your bladder or bowels anywhere other than in toilets in restrooms.
b. Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or
bring discomfort to any Staff, bather or local resident.
c. Engaging in sexual behavior in public or in the baths.
d. Possession/use of illegal drugs.
e. Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property.

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