It goes without saying that our ancient geothermal waters are a top draw for visitors to Tecopa.  Our historic baths are unique in that they are the only baths where clothing is actually prohibited by Inyo County code!  We have segregated baths (women-only and men-only) and for the most modest of bathers, we have one private bath (for an extra fee).

Risk Assessment & Covid Mitigation Plan

 Entrance and lobby area

  • All doors will remain completely open during operating hours thereby eliminating the need for anyone to touch door knobs. Our entrance is an open air situation and has plenty of room for maintaining 6 foot distance. Marks on floor and signage will promote distancing. Touchless payment options and self pay boxes will limit the need for any face to face interaction between patrons and staff.
  • We have a robust communications system that includes remote viewing and remote communication directly to customers in critical areas of the campground. Group messages and closed circuit security cameras through campground wifi and radio/intercom system in kiosk and general store. Staff will ask about symptoms, fever ect.. and remind patrons to not enter if ill. Staff will also be kept to a minimum to minimize vectors.
  • Signs on walls, doors and markings on floor will inform customers of mask requirements and distancing guidelines.
  • We will limit the occupancy of the entire facility to %50 or less depending on what will be required to maintain distancing guidelines. For example = there will be times where %50 is to much i.e. distancing is easier if a family (house hold) arrives in one car as opposed to many individuals arrive in separate vehicles and are not from the same family.
  • Some patrons will have to wait for entry until a sufficient number of current guests have left the facility or if there is sufficient concern over contamination all guests may have to be vacated to allow for off schedule cleaning. If someone shows signs or symptoms they will be denied entry.
  • We will cut hours from 24hrs a day down to operating only between 6AM and 11PM. This will allow us to perform disinfection routine recommended by the CDC and cleaning chemical manufacturer.
  • We have secured a stock pile of the newest Covid specific cleaner manufactured and provided by the same company servicing MGM grand, Belaggio, Ceasers and many other casinos, day clubs and pools around the globe.
  • At 11PM nightly we will close and disinfect ALL surfaces with a chemical dwell time of between 3 and 6 hrs to ensure satisfactory results.
  • Masks will be readily available to guests if they forgot one.

Open 7AM – 10PM / 7 days a week