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Many who visit us know who “we” are here at Tecopa Hot Springs Campground & Pool, but many of you don’t. We thought it might be good to have an introduction of sorts to the individuals who are working so hard to put a shine on this desert gem:

RYAN THOMAS – “Official” Title: Executive Director/Officer/Manager & Co-Founder of Tecopa Hot Springs Conservancy (our “official” concessionaire business name). What this means? Ryan is our day-to-day, on-the-ground manager who is pretty much the go-to guy for all things. He’s an incredibly talented guy who can do just about anything and everything we need to keep this place operational and to improve the things that need transforming. To say he ROCKS is an understatement. He even runs his own adventure tour company (Kiltman Adventures)! Ryan is most often found in our entrance kiosk and is usually the first face people see when they arrive. From plumbing to cleaning to electrical to whatever it is we need, Ryan is a one-man-dynamo and we are lucky to have him. Oh, and he’s a heck of a drummer, and you can usually hear him at our weekly Saturday night campfire events.

LARA MURRAY – “Official” Title: Officer/Health & Safety Manager & Co-Founder of Tecopa Hot Springs Conservancy (our “official” concessionaire business name). Lara is so much more than this, too, bringing her background in art & design, nursing, business, and whatever other skills are needed on any given day to make our facility as inviting as it can be. She is often found in the entrance kiosk helping check-in guests and bathers, or she might be found cleaning one of our 5 pools. Her kindness and nurturing nature are some of the first things you’ll notice when you meet her (aside from her gorgeous smile!) and you’ll find yourself wanting to stay and talk whenever she is around. If you’re lucky, you can also join one of our many hiking excursions where she just might be your guide! A secret passion? Lara is also learning the cello and can often be heard playing during our campfire events.

PAUL BARNES – “Official” Title: Director/Officer/Manager & Co-Founder of Tecopa Hot Springs Conservancy (our “official” concessionaire business name). Paul is one of those “secret weapons” any business would wish they had. Reserved, professional, but with decades of experience in business, design, CAD, commercial construction, millwork/cabinetry, web design (he designed ours!), videographer and more, Paul keeps us all on track office- and accounting-wise, but is also more than willing to clean a dirty pool, check-in campers, greet guests, etc. Paul is also quite knowledgeable about mining in the area and is quite the guitarist and singer, too. Catch him some Saturday night at the campfire!

NANCY GOOD – “Official” Title: Officer/Media & Promotions Manager & Co-Founder of Tecopa Hot Springs Conservancy (our “official” concessionaire business name). Nancy brings nearly 3 decades of legal, administrative, promotional and web experience to the team, as well as extensive photography and artistic background. If you check out our website or our Facebook page, it’s a safe bet that most of the photos you’ll see are Nancy’s. She can also be found behind a scrub brush cleaning pools or in the entrance kiosk checking people in or out on the grounds cleaning up trash, visiting guests, putting up notices for future activities, etc. And, like the rest of the team above, she is also a musician and singer and is usually found at our Saturday campfire.

JIM FURLOUGH – “Official” Title: The Man. We’d be pretty much lost without our friend and brother, Jim. He’s the one who holds down the fort in the darkness, making sure we can be open 24/7! Jim’s insight and experience have helped us from day one, with fine-tuned cleaning techniques, water temperature control, ideas about guest relations, food and beverage selection, repairs and so much more. And when you stop and have a conversation, you’ll immediately discern that this gentleman is a man of high intellect and a repository of local history and delectable tidbits of information on many subjects. He’s also our team’s bass player!

VOLUNTEERS – We have several!! From Samantha to Richard to Robin to Cindy to Billy to Mark to Paul C. and all the unnamed folks who step up and give us a hand without asking when they see we need help … we are so grateful! None of us walks this path alone and you are all shining examples of this. THANK YOU!!

LOCAL COMMUNITY – This small community has been our rock during this time of no sleep, endless repairs (including the repair of the campground’s old reputation), and hard work to clean the place up, etc. They have helped us when needed and have cheered us on even when we feel run down and ragged. They are also the folks who have insired us to take this on as a way to rebuild this amazing community of very eclectic individuals. Our efforts are worth it. You make it so.

GUESTS – What can we say about devoted guests who have returned year-after-year, decade-after-decade (even when the place was crumbling, broken and filthy under prior management)? We also say THANK YOU!!! Thank you for keeping the faith and believing in this place. You are part of our growth and success.

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